Monday, July 25, 2011

Man we've been busy!

I cannot believe I haven't posted in like a month! Shame on me! I often think about posting, only to find that I have a million other things that I should be doing but tonight I'm taking a break!

So for the month of July we haven't had a single free weekend so here's a recap:
1st weekend - 4th of July - The Friday before the 4th we went out and bought Pat a car. His poor mustang has no a/c and we were sick of only having one vehicle to tote Kimber around in. Other than that we had dinner at my Aunt's house, no biggie. We just enjoyed our time off and 3 day weekend.

Pat's new car... 08 Mercury Mariner
2nd weekend - MY BIG BROTHER GOT MARRIED!!!! I was pretty nervous to see my dad's side of the family but luckily they didn't really talk to me... talk about dodging a bullet :)

Cutest flower girl EVER!!!

Hubs & I at the reception

3rd weekend - Trip to the lake!!! - A friend of mine at work invited us to her MIL's condo at the lake and I was all to excited to have a mini vacation and just get away from STL to do nothing! We drove down Friday night and sometime in the middle of the night the a/c went out! By the time the guy came to fix it Saturday morning it was almost 90 degrees in there so we decided it was time to go for a swim. After that we went out to dinner and then my friend and I went shopping at the outlet mall. They have a son that's 2 months younger than Kimber and we've already decided they are going to prom together :) We're talking about dressing up as the Flintstones for Halloween!
Finn & Kimber playing
The 2 cutest kids ever made!
4th weekend - We had a 1st birthday party to attend. Mommy fail because I didn't take any pictures :(

5th weekend - This coming weekend Jon will be in town!!! I can't wait to see him, and Kimber has told me several times that she misses her Uncle Jon!

Sooo that's where I've been. On top of trying to figure out what I want to do career wise, planning a first birthday party (in less than 2 months!!!), figuring out our next house renovation, and all the things that mother-hood entails! Whew, it makes me tired just thinking about it!

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