Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shower for my bestie!

Today was the big day, my friend from high school's shower. I'd like to think that I did a pretty good job on the decor :)

White flowers with oranges in the vases.

Favors and game table.

Guess baby's birthday and gender.

Wishes for baby.

Hot coco favors in glass baby bottles.


We did an orange theme since she didn't find out what she's having, plus that's been our favorite color since high school! She's been there for me through everything and I am so glad she let me throw a shower for her. She's one of those friends that you can not talk to for a while, pick up the phone, and it's like you've never missed a beat. She's the best, and I cannot wait to meet her little guy or girl!

Hot Coco Bottle Favors:

(I cheated because I didn't have time to make the mix from scratch!)
Each bottle contained:
2 packets of Swiss Miss
6 tsp of coffee creamer
2 oz of mini chocolate chips
the rest of the bottle is filled with marshmallows

I put a Ziploc bag in the bottle after the coco mix to separate the marshmallows from the mix, stuffed the bag with marshmallows and cut the top of the bag off. Super easy and super cute!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Pinterest Project

Recently I made wall decor for over the stairs. It was time consuming but really easy!

1. Glue gun & glue
2. $1 book from Goodwill, or if you have one laying around.
3. Cardboard cut into 10 inch diameter circle.

Roll the paper.

Pull the corner up, that's in the inside of the roll.

Glue the corner flap of the bottom. Put hot glue on the back of the 'petal' and place on cardboard.

Glue, glue, glue. Seriously, the gluing takes FOREVER! However, once you are done I'm sure you'll be happy with the results:

Finally found their home on the wall:

I love how this project turned out and it was so easy! I think they are just the 'pop' that our wall needed!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Family Photo Book

For Christmas I made Kimber a family photo book. I figured since she doesn't see all our family on a regular basis that maybe this book would help her recognize them when they do come around. We've been looking at the book every night before bed. I explain who everyone is in relation to her, and to Pat and me. She even gives a select few kisses. :)

The other day we were over at my mom's and Kimber kept wanting my dad to hold her, which never happens. I mean occasionally she'd reach for him but then always want me back. I really think it has everything to do with this book, and even if that's not the case, that's my story and I'm stickin to it!

So there you have it... a way for your kids to not be shy around family they don't see that often :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Shower Ideas!

My friend from high school is expecting her first kiddo in a few months and I'm honored enough to throw her a shower in a few weeks! I'm on idea overload! I keep going back and forth with what the decorations are going to be. I'm loving poms and pinwheels right now, but I may do something totally different. Who knows!

First, I need to show off the invitations since everyone should have received them by now.
Finished product.

When it's unwrapped...

Upon opening the box...


I made these puppies in Photoshop and then had Kinko's print them out for me. Cutting was a pain but totally worth it! I love how they turned out!

I've been searching on Pinterest for shower activities that aren't the standard shower games. I think they are kind of boring and I want to do something different. Man do I have a TON of ideas now! I don't know how I'm going to decide what to do so maybe the few people that read this can help me out!

First, she's not finding out the gender so I want to do this tally board:

Then I thought this would be cute to go in the baby room and have guests guess the birthday:

I also thought this was a cute idea, but might be a bit difficult since they would need to be gender neutral:
Of course this would be neat too:

Guestbook will consist of a Dr. Seuss book for the guests to write a note in:

 I LOVE this idea. Print a card for each guest with a number on it and the guest writes a note to the kiddo for the mom to give on their birthday. For example, if I get 10 I'd write a note to be given to the little one on their 10th birthday:

This would be cute too. Have a guest color a letter of the alphabet and write a note on the page and then make an 'ABC' book:

I wish I could do them all, but I don't want to throw the guests into an activity overload! Plus I don't know that'd we would realistically have time for everything. Ugh Pinterest, your wealth of ideas has overwhelmed me once again! I won't even get started on favors! :)