Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Part 1 - Excitement

Pat and I have gone back and forth with setting a time frame to have another baby, and just waiting to see  how things go. I'm a huge planner so it's always hard for me to not have things perfectly timed out. While 'just waiting to see how things go' we fell into this amazing routine with K. I love our little family of 3. I love sleeping through the night, her being able to entertain herself, and Pat and I being able to give her ample attention. I just think our lives are perfection right now...

All of a sudden Pat said we should try... Insert shocked face... I now felt like by saying I wanted another baby that somehow I was saying that K wasn't enough for me. Yes, I fully realize how messed up my logic is! After several long conversations I realized that I was being selfish for wanting only K. She deserves siblings, permanent play mates, that companionship as an adult, and to have someone there when Pat and I are gone.

So we kinda tried in March, really tried in April and on May 4th I got this on my lunch break:
Positive!!!! Times TWO!!!!

I immediately drove out to Pat's work and told him the news. Funny since that is EXACTLY how this all happened with K too. He was shocked, we were both shocked. I didn't think it would happen this fast, and I was excited. We started thinking about how amazing K was going to be with the baby. She loves babies at the sitter and couldn't wait for her to meet her new brother/sister! Life was great!

My brother-in-law was getting married at the end of the month so we decided to keep our pregnancy quiet until after the wedding. We told my mom and a few people I work with, but that was it. 

Man this pregnancy was different than the first. I already had heartburn, constantly felt like I could vomit at any moment, and the boobs... o.m.g! I also had this horrible feeling that something wasn't going to go right. I told Pat, my mom, and two close friends that I just didn't feel like this pregnancy was going to go well. I can't really explain it, but I couldn't shake it.

I scheduled our first appointment with my OB on 5/24 and we took K with us. We saw little Baby B for the first time and it took our breath away. Nothing can describe the feeling. I started feeling better about my pregnancy. Obviously the baby was perfect, here was our proof:

My OB wanted to see me in 3 weeks for a follow-up ultrasound since the first was pretty early and we didn't hear the heartbeat. It didn't worry me though, I just figured it was too early for my little mister (I had already made up my mind the baby was a boy and called him Paxton) to be showing off too much :)

We headed to Texas for my brother-in-law's wedding, and after the wedding I started texting everyone to tell them the good news. As soon as we got home we snapped a couple pictures of K with the ultrasound for our Facebook announcement:

Life is amazing!

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