Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Last Week's Vacation

Well our sitter took off last week to go to Florida so Pat and I decided to take off work and just relax for a week with little miss. Saturday Pat's brother was in town from TX (woohoo!!!) so we met for lunch before he had to go to a wedding and then did a birthday lunch (for Pat) on Sunday followed by a trip to Cabelas (my favorite place on Earth.... NOT!)

At Cabela's... my worst nightmare... my kid in camo!

My fantastic father-in-law has decided that Kimber deserves a present for every occasion. When Jon graduated, she got a swing. On Father's Day, she got a pool. And at Pat's birthday lunch she got a xylophone:

Monday we took her to the Magic House. It was wayyy too hot to do anything outside so that limited our choices, but it seems that Kimber liked the Magic House, so we did good:

On our way home we stopped by the mall so she could go to Build-A-Bear. We weren't too sure how well this would go over but as soon as we walked in she saw this brown puppy and just HAD to have it! We even walked up and down the wall to see if she changed her mind but she clung to the puppy.

Of course she had to register her puppy... Whose name is... Puppy :)
Then we rented one of these things:
And proceeded to walk around the mall.

Tuesday through Thursday we worked on the house: painting, organizing the kitchen, cleaning out the basement, and donating a bunch of stuff to Goodwill.

Friday we took her to the carousel at Faust Park. You know it's only $1 to ride? That's a bargain price for quality family entertainment!

Saturday, since he lost a bet, Pat took me to dinner at Maggiano's. Words cannot express how yummy the food was and we are already in the process of setting up a date with friends of ours so we can try the family style dinner! On to the bet he lost because that's way more interesting than what I had for dinner... Sunday night Kimber woke up screaming and when Pat went in to get her she was pulling on her ear. We brought her in bed with us and she kept waking up screaming. Pat was sure that she had an ear infection, so we took her to the doctor. Our bet was if she HAD an ear infection I had to take Pat on a date, but if I was right and she didn't have one he had to take me on a date. He even made a comment before we took her to the doctor that if he's right he does have some Daddy's intuition.... Well honey.... Not so much :) It's ok, I still love ya! Thanks for the date!

So that pretty much sums up our week off work! I cannot wait to blog about what we've got coming up this weekend!

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  1. Looks like a fun week! I didn't realize the Magic House had stuff for little ones, we will have to check it out!


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