Monday, January 2, 2012

Shower Ideas!

My friend from high school is expecting her first kiddo in a few months and I'm honored enough to throw her a shower in a few weeks! I'm on idea overload! I keep going back and forth with what the decorations are going to be. I'm loving poms and pinwheels right now, but I may do something totally different. Who knows!

First, I need to show off the invitations since everyone should have received them by now.
Finished product.

When it's unwrapped...

Upon opening the box...


I made these puppies in Photoshop and then had Kinko's print them out for me. Cutting was a pain but totally worth it! I love how they turned out!

I've been searching on Pinterest for shower activities that aren't the standard shower games. I think they are kind of boring and I want to do something different. Man do I have a TON of ideas now! I don't know how I'm going to decide what to do so maybe the few people that read this can help me out!

First, she's not finding out the gender so I want to do this tally board:

Then I thought this would be cute to go in the baby room and have guests guess the birthday:

I also thought this was a cute idea, but might be a bit difficult since they would need to be gender neutral:
Of course this would be neat too:

Guestbook will consist of a Dr. Seuss book for the guests to write a note in:

 I LOVE this idea. Print a card for each guest with a number on it and the guest writes a note to the kiddo for the mom to give on their birthday. For example, if I get 10 I'd write a note to be given to the little one on their 10th birthday:

This would be cute too. Have a guest color a letter of the alphabet and write a note on the page and then make an 'ABC' book:

I wish I could do them all, but I don't want to throw the guests into an activity overload! Plus I don't know that'd we would realistically have time for everything. Ugh Pinterest, your wealth of ideas has overwhelmed me once again! I won't even get started on favors! :)

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