Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bedtime woes

I'm at a loss as to what to do about bedtime. I need to start doing some research to see if there are any tricks out there that can help. We have no consistent pattern throughout the day or at night and after over 7 weeks I'm getting tired. I fell into the baby led scheduling so basically whenever she cries we eat, when she's tired we sleep and apparently that isn't working out too well.

Last night I decided that we were going to start a semi-routine for bedtime. At 8:30 I fed her a bottle in her room and about half way through she started screaming. I'm guessing she is fighting sleep since she was being fed, her diaper was new, and she had already burped. It took about a hour to finish the bottle and get her to stop screaming. Finally a little after 9:30 she was asleep and I was soo excited at the thought of going to bed before midnight!!! As soon as I got into bed at 9:45 she was awake and screaming so I would go in, calm her down, get her to go back to sleep and then crawl into bed. Every time she would start crying again, and we did this game until a little after 11. It is so tiring trying to comfort a screaming baby on and off for 3ish hours, and it is beyond frustrating that she is sound asleep until you put her in her crib.

Today I thought I could put her for naps in her crib so that she would get used to sleeping in there so at 1 I put her down because she had just fallen asleep, and now twenty after one and I'm listening to her talk to herself in her crib... ahhh!!! Most days it is hard for me to find time to even take a shower because as soon as she falls asleep and I put her down, she is awake again. Maybe I need to start parent led scheduling???

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  1. And so goes motherhood. They say they don't have enough body weight to sleep through the night until they are 11 lbs. The magic number. Fatten that baby up! Is she close yet?


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