Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas time is almost here!!!

I think this year I want to start our own little family tradition. In the past years Pat and I exchanged gifts Christmas Eve when we got off work, then headed over to my aunt's house for Christmas with my side of the family. Christmas Day we went to my mom's in the morning, since my brother and sister are still kind of young, opened presents and then headed over to Pat's parent's, then to Pat's grandma's.... whew! Talk about exhausting!

This year is obviously Kimber's first Christmas, and even though she is wayyy too young to know what is going on I would like to start our own little family thing on Christmas morning. I'm thinking big breakfast, gifts, and then watching some sort of Christmas movie. When I used to go to bio-dad's Christmas we would watch Christmas Family Vacation so that option is out :) I'm thinking maybe Grinch Stole Christmas, Charlie Brown,  It's a Wonderful Life, or A Christmas Carol... I just can't decide!

And I must share our little one's stocking:

I love it! And I cannot wait for Christmas!!!

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