Sunday, December 25, 2011

Epic Prank

My husband is such a gadget freak! He built his own computer, has a laptop and a netbook... what did he want for Christmas this year? A Kindle Fire, however, he already submitted his Christmas list and the 'big' item was already purchased. I've had to listen to him talk about this stupid Kindle Fire for a month. I was lucky if I made it a day without him mentioning it. I kept reminding him that he didn't put it on his Christmas list so we decided to use Christmas money to buy me a laptop and him a Kindle Fire.

My mom and I actually went in and had already bought him a Fire. I did my best to convince him I had bought him a pair of shoes he wanted, and that was my 'big' gift to him. I mean, I didn't come right out and say it but I had hinted so that he knew he would not be getting a Fire from me. I even went to far as to pick a mini fight with him because I don't have a single computer (hence my lack of blogging recently...) and he has THREE!!!

Christmas Eve we do presents with my family, and Pat had to sit there and watch not one, not two, but THREE people open a Kindle Fire right in front of him! Epic, totally epic. The car ride home was spent explaining to me how it was going to go buy a Fire on Monday, what was my electronics inept mother going to do with a Kindle Fire, and that tonight was totally unfair. I kept telling him our deal was that I had to get a laptop before he got another gadget, he let out a sigh and that was that.

This morning my parents and brothers and sister came over to open presents. Pat opened the largest package and it was a shoe box. He got the most excited look on his face and kept asking "What color? What color? Come on, what color did you get???" I just kept smiling, and as he opened the lid, reached in and pulled out his Kindle Fire the entire room burst into laughter! You see, it wasn't until after my mom and I bought the Fire that my grandma decided to buy 3 people them for Christmas, fully knowing Pat would have to sit in agony and watch and everyone else get his most wanted item!

As if that wasn't enough... everyone finished opening their presents and Pat had a confused look on his face and said that I needed one more present, that I was missing one. He walked in with a decent size box, the contents of which, was indeed, my laptop! Love that we pranked each other! Seriously, our best married Christmas so far!

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