Wednesday, June 1, 2011

5 Things

I thought I'd do a random post that might be kinda fun.

5 Things I Love
(other than family)

Seriously, how hot is the cast of Vampire Diaries?
1. House, no not my house, the show House. Along with Vampire Diaries and The Voice. There are a few other recorded things we watch but right now those 3 are my must see during the week.

2. Nice weather. I'm talkin 73 degrees, no humidity kind of days. I'm not a lover of heat so I wouldn't be sad if summer was the season that STL passed over instead of spring!

3. My job.... most days. Everyone has those days where they're ready to just walk out and say forget it, but (for the most part) I enjoy what I do. I get to work with numbers a little and basically audit stuff. I also enjoy getting on the phone with the attorneys we deal with and learning new things. Other than the fact I wish I was paid more, I'd say I'm 90% happy with where I'm at.

4. I'm obsessed! I love me some Coke Zero. Only out of a can though... once they started carrying it as a fountain soda I was super excited but after tasting it, nothing compares to a nice cold CAN of Zero. 

5. Doing crafty stuff. I haven't really done much crafty stuff since our wedding and that was over 2 years ago. Maybe that's why I've already started making some of Kimber's first birthday decorations! 

5 Things I Dislike

1. Sorry, not a cat lover.... at all. Especially after having a litter of kittens living under our front porch. Not a fan! Plus, they smell, or at least their litter box does... yuck!

2. Stretch marks. Let me explain. Normally I am not a fan of mom's complaining about weight and/or stretch marks they've gained along the way... You housed another human being for crying out loud, give yourself a break! Now, am I glad I got them, no. Do I wish they would just vanish, yes. Am I going to try every scheme to get them to disappear? No. Bottom line though, I'm okay with them... the only ones that even bother me are the ones I got on the back of my leg, behind my knee (my legs swelled REAL bad) and the ONLY reason I am a tad bit perturbed by them is that I love capris, and even though I'm okay with my stretch marks, I do not want to go around showing them off.... and thus, my love for capris has ended.... sadly...

3. Home renovations. I LOVE how our bathroom turned out, however, the time it took to get it looking like that was 3 times longer than we thought it would take. Plus it's super expensive. I guess this is on my mind because we have to finish the basement, re-do the kitchen and living area, and turn the 'bedroom' back into a garage before we have another kid. Or at least that's the plan.... in a perfect world...

4. Lady Gaga. Enough said.

5. Yep, this girl does NOT like her veggies. I'll eat raw carrots, green beans, and lettuce but anything other than that and I'm OUT!

5 Things I Cannot Live Without

1. My phone. Dumb, I know, but it's how I stay in contact with people. Whether it's Facebook, blogger, text messaging, phone calls, or e-mails it's my lifeline. 

2. Pledge, Scrubbing Bubbles, and 409. Oh and Windex. I will buy the off brand on just about anything, but not my cleaning supplies. It's the one thing I'm pretty picky about.

3. Tattoos. I love them, and I want more.

4. My camera. I love documenting Kimber growing up... as you can tell from my five million pictures of her on my Facebook account.

5. My husband and daughter. I know that if I ever lost either one of them I wouldn't be able to go on. Just the thought of not having one of them around brings tears to my eyes. They are my life, my world, the reason I get up everyday, the people that make me want to be a better person, and I love them with every inch of my being.

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  1. Good to know more bout you, lady! We should trade some crafts!


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