Saturday, June 25, 2011


Ok, so my laptop has crashed and thus I've pretty much stopped blogging since I'd probably have to schedule time to actually be able to get on Pat's computer :) 6 am on a Saturday seems like the perfect time to play some catch up!

First let me tell you about Kimber's 9 month doctor appointment yesterday. I have probably taken Kimber to the doctor 5 times thinking she's had an ear infection, and guess what, yesterday I was informed she has one! I know I shouldn't beat myself up over this but man... she never pulled on her ears, whined, or ANYTHING! I had NO idea, and never even suspected she was in pain. It worries me in the future, since I know her ear is bothering her now and she really shows no signs of it. Guess I have a little trooper on my hands!

First ear infection - 6/24/11
First kiss & claps - 5/8/11

She now loves to stand up using the kitchen chairs and push them all around the kitchen (guess this is our poor mans version of a walker lol). We always tell her thank you for helping mommy rearrange the furniture :) She constantly says da-da and will occasionally wave bye. She loves to clap, and loves it even more when we yell YAY while she does it, and lastly she seems to never get tired of shaking her head no.

Alright, on to more stuff....
- We are car shopping for Pat.
- We switched from Verizon to Sprint.
- I'm looking for a new job.
- We are going to be starting our next home project pretty soon. Probably will be painting or turning the garage back into a garage.
- My brother is getting married in TWO weeks!!!
- Kimber now has a tree swing, and a pool. Spoiled by the grandparents? Maybe a little...
- I've started buying groceries for the next 2 weeks, in hopes to prevent shopping trips every weekend.
- The BIL is officially in TX... and it sucks!
- Kimber attended her first pool party!

I think that about sums it up. There are a few things I will write about in more detail, but I really don't want to write a bunch of posts without including pictures SO.... they will just have to wait. Can I just tell you all how freakin excited I am to go to the zoo today????

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