Tuesday, September 13, 2011


My brother and fantastic new sister-in-law invited Pat and I to go on a family float trip. I will admit, at first I was a little hesitant. I didn't want to leave Kimber ALL day, and originally the invited us to spend the night. After much deliberation I decided this was an opportunity I couldn't pass up, but I also couldn't be away from my kiddo for a long amount of time so we agreed to come down to float and then head home after the trip was over.

In my raft was my brother, sister-in-law, brother's dad, me and the hubs, oh and like 4 coolers :) I seriously had a blast, and even though this is going to make me sound like a super dork, I really liked being able to spend an entire day with my big bro. I mean, we hardly ever see each other so this was especially nice to kinda have some one on one time... mostly with us giving each other a hard time!

As the float trip came to an end, my sister-in-law's dad found out we weren't spending the night and started throwing phrases around like 'slashing tires' so we promised we'd spend the night next year. He started asking me about my kiddo and I proceeded to tell him her name is Kimber and the conversation went something like this:

Dan: So what's your daughter's name?
Me: Kimber.
Dan: What?!?!?!? Kimberly???
Me: Yep, Kimberly... without the 'ly'.
Dan: (confused look on his face) Why the hell would you give your daughter half a name??? I guess I should go around introducing myself as 'Duh', 'Hi, my name is Duh'.

Mass quantities of alcohol may or may not of been consumed prior to the above mentioned conversation :)

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