Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Job!

I've been with my current employer for a little over two years now. I spent my first year working for their in house trustee and then my second year has been spent on their affidavit team. It's pretty hard to get out of your current department unless you know someone, or at the very least know someone who knows someone.

I love what I do now. I love my firms, and the state that I'm assigned to work. I love that I can come in, do my job, and leave and I know what I do forwards and backwards. That being said, when you don't even get so much as a 'Thank You', I feel like no one cares about the hard work I do, the fact that I have built up relationships with our attorneys and never fail audits. Things just kept getting worse, we were told we have to do 'x' amount of affidavits a day, on top of adding a ton of new processes that slow us down, but the real kicker is that we had an opening for a lead in our department and I realized that I would never get it because I don't feel like I should kiss butt to get it. I would want it based on my skill, and knowledge of the job, not because I'm buddies with the boss and that's when I decided I wanted to leave.

I applied for probably 15 jobs, interviewed for 2, got offered 1 and turned it down because they wouldn't give me a raise. Immediately following me turning down the job,  I completely regretted my decision. Well regret no more people! The lady that offered me a job created a new position that I applied for, interviewed for, and got (with a raise!)! WOOHOO!

I'm totally petrified to start in a brand new position, knowing next to nothing about what the department does, however, I am excited at the thought of expanding my work experience and building my resume. I officially start on Monday and I'm over-the-moon excited!

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