Wednesday, October 12, 2011

1st Birthday Party!

We had Kimber's party the Sunday after her birthday. I was up until 2 am decorating my mom's house for the festivities! Call me crazy but I went all out for this. Hey, my first kiddo is only going to turn 1 once, ya know? We even went so far as to hire a professional photographer! Check her out at, she took all the below pictures:
It was on this day that I learned what a ham my child is! When she started in on the cake and people would clap, she'd clap with a big smile on her face and wiggle up and down. It was all over after that, the entire time she was eating the cake she tried to get people to laugh at her. It was seriously hysterical!

The day went perfectly (other than the fact it took me 90 minutes to pick up the cupcakes b/c the hwy was closed! Thank goodness for my mom who got all the food ready for me!). I was amazed at how many people came and am totally grateful for everything. I know she had a fantastic time and it was everything I wanted it to be for her. She was surrounded by love on her first birthday, and you just can't beat that!

Some Favorite Presents:
- Set of balls Grandma and Grandpa got her.
- Wagon from Uncle Josh & Aunt Jenny, along with the Sesame Street ABC books.
- Books from Aunt Steph & Uncle Frankie.
- Leap Frog Birthday Cake from Karen.
- Activity walker from the Roeder's.
- And of course, I very much appreciated the clothes/gift cards!

-Hot pink, pink and white frosted chocolate & vanilla cupcakes.
- Puppy Chow
- Carmel Puppy Chow
- Buffalo Chicken Bites
- Cream Cheese Roll-ups
- Mini Pigs in a Blanket
- Fruit Tray
- Veggie Tray

- Hot pink, pink and white tissue paper poms
- Vases with yarn poms
- Pictures of Kimber galore
- Birthday banner
- Monthly photo banner
- 2 Photo albums of her first year
- Card station where guests could write a note to Kimber
- Cupcake stand
- Yarn pom cupcake toppers

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