Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kimber turns ONE!!!!

I just cannot believe it's been a year already. I can't accept the fact that I no longer have a sweet little baby, but more like a little strong-willed TODDLER!!! It's just incrediable to me how much things change in a year. She started walking on 11/24/11, and now we no longer crawl. She is so independent, and strong willed that sometimes I cannot help but laugh at what a determined little being she's become.

Pat and I decided we wanted to take her somewhere special for her birthday, so we packed her up in the car and headed to Grant's Farm (about a 45 minute drive). We planned on grabbing something to eat there, but Kimber planned to start throwing a fit before we arrived. The last 15 minutes were horrible with her screaming in the backseat but we finally made it.... AND IT WAS CLOSED! Closed to the public for a private event! You've GOT to be kidding me!!!

We stopped so Pat could climb in the back seat to try to make her happy but she wasn't having it and was now livid! We finally found somewhere to eat, grabbed her some food and she just continued to hysterically cry, scream, thrash, and throw her fit. Great!

Somehow, someway, she finally calmed down and we decided to hit up a park that was on the way home. We pull in and.... Fall Festival.... Seriously?!?!? We decided we'd go ahead and park and just take her on the playground and carousel a couple times and call it a day. As we walked  up to the park we noticed that the stupid Fall Festival had the whole playground blocked off and it cost $5 a person to get in! Almost in tears I mumbled that I was in no way paying $15 to play on a freakin playground and walked off.

Determined to have some fun on my only child's first birthday, we then headed to a park that was literally 10 minutes from our house. We should of just went there to begin with, but no, I had to waste an entire afternoon on trying to make a day my kid won't remember special. Thus, I dub this an epic mommy fail!


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