Friday, October 7, 2011


I have a confession... I am in LOVE with Dave Grohl, so when I heard Foos were coming to STL I was allll over it! Seriously, most epic concert of my life!

The opening bands aren't even worth wasting time to write about so I'll just jump right in to the main event. They played a few songs and then he stopped to talk. As I stared in total awe of being in the same room as Mr. Grohl he proceeded to ask if anyone had been to one of their shows before. Some cheered, but quite a few were silent. Then he asked how many Foo Fighter virgins were out there, and we all screamed. He was quiet for a bit and said, wow, that's a lot.... Where the f*** have you guys been the past SIXTEEN YEARS????? I mean, you couldn't even make it out to ONE show?!?! And with that hilarious sarcastic comment I knew right then that he became my all time favorite artist. Sarcasm is my middle name so obviously me and Dave are a match made in heaven!

So we rocked, and we rocked hard, and it came time for the show to end. They walked off stage where they had just given an epic performance and I couldn't believe it was over. For the last 2 hours I had turned into a giddy little girl, screaming and dancing with every song and I loved every minute of it! Every. single. second. 

All of a sudden there was Dave, with a night vision camera, looking at the crowd from the big screen. He motioned that he couldn't quite hear his adoring fans screams, so we all screamed louder, not wanting the night to end. He held up one finger, and acted as if they were coming back out. We went crazy. Then there was the drummer, motioning they should do not one, but two songs! We screamed even louder. This charade went on until finally they got up to EIGHT! An 8 song encore? Unheard of, and completely amazing!

In total they played for three hours, best $100 I've ever spent on a concert and I will always see them when they are in town. Now, for some crappy camera pics:

The Friday before the concert was my last day in my old department, so they got me a card:

And when I flipped it over, I found this:

Mike made fun of me for liking FF and would always sing that song anytime he saw me. (Don't worry, I gave him trouble for his fav band being Radiohead!) So it was only appropriate that he write that on my card, and make my day :)

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