Saturday, January 1, 2011


Holy amazing year!!!

January - 15th to be exact, I found out I was pregnant! Obviously, this was also the day I quit smoking.

February - We met the baby! I had my first doctor appointment and internal ultrasound to see our little blob.

I also turned 23! Pat took me to the Science Center to see Under the Sea. It was super neat, I had only been there one other time and forgot how cool watching movies there is. For Valentines Day he took me to Walk with the Penguins at the Zoo. It was sooo cool! They come right up to you! It was amazing. He also bought me a piece of penguin art.
They actually let the penguins walk in the paint and then walk across canvasses. This is probably one of the neatest things Pat has ever done for me!

March - We celebrated our first wedding anniversary. We didn't do anything too exciting since we were broke (you'll see why in April).

April - We bought our first house!!!!

And oh yeah...

May - We took a trip to Ikea and bought Kimber's furniture, our bedroom furniture, and furniture for Pat's office for less than $1,500. Not too shabby!
The in-laws took us to Mexico for my mother-in-law's birthday. We went to Tulum to see the ruins and we also swam in a cenote  (underwater cave). Pretty neat (even though I was 5 months pregnant and spent the entire week sweating lol)

June - We finally got our $8K for the first time home buyers and went out and bought a kitchen table and chairs, couch and loveseat, and a 46" Samsung LCD TV with matching surround and Bluray player. Oh and we also switched to Verizon and got the Droid X.

I HAD to have this couch since it had a chaise. My feet were sooo swollen so it was nice to be able to prop them up, per dr's orders.

Less exciting, but still just as important, we got carpet for the bedrooms and re-did everything. We painted all three bedrooms, put in new trim, bought new blinds, and got white 6 panel doors. Pat's dad also hooked us up with ceiling fans since none of the rooms had ceiling lights (which I still don't understand why they make houses without them!), and Pat replaced all the outlet covers and light switches with nice new white ones. Whew, a lot of improvements!

July - Pat's 25th birthday! Woohoo insurance deduction! LOL I took him to Yellowstone Cafe and then out to see a movie. 

August - I had my first baby shower!

That next week Pat's grandpa passed away. We are sad he didn't get to meet his granddaughter but know he's in a better place and is no longer suffering.
RIP Marvin

My great grandma was also in and out of the hospital and was diagnosed with failure to survive... not cool! She's a fighter and is still with us and I am thankful for everyday she's here.

September - Kimber arrived! And we got her newborn pictures taken.

Nuff said for this month!

October - I was back in the hospital the week after giving birth. My c-section had gotten infected and I pray that I don't ever have to go through that again! 
We visited Jon in Ottawa to see him play baseball, and Rae play soccer.
I had a baby shower with Pat's side of the family. 

November - Kimber had her first shots at her two month doctor appointment. I'm pretty sure it was as tough on her as it was on mommy! Those shots were no fun! 
We celebrated our first Thanksgiving with Kimber and realized that carting around a two month old between families is no fun and totally messes up schedules!
I was given the 'all clear' from my doctor after the infection.

December - My last month of maternity leave, and I'm so sad to be going back to work!
Christmas with our new addition.

And ended the year with a new tattoo.

2011 has some HUGE shoes to fill!

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