Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve

Disclaimer: I have NO pictures of Christmas Eve. I know, I suck! I had a very crabby baby and I was a little crabby myself lol so pictures were the last thing on my mind.

Every year my side of the family gets together on Christmas Eve for our big family Christmas. A few years ago we started having it at my aunt and uncle's house because it's bigger, and believe me, we need all the room we can get. There are only 15 of us but we get about 10 gifts a piece... it still blows me away how generous my grandparents and great aunt are!

This year my great grandma isn't doing so well so we all were going to go over there for Christmas Eve. I was a little bummed because Kimber turns into this horribly fussy baby around 6-7ish and they wanted to start at 5... ok fine, I just said a little prayer that she would some how behave herself.

I started making my dish that I was supposed to bring around 3 and get a phone call from my great aunt that says they are moving it to 6. I'm not going to lie, I was more than a little upset. We are the only ones that have a newborn and I felt like it didn't matter that her schedule was going to be entirely messed up. That being said, we couldn't not go, so I just crossed my fingers that the busy house would keep Kimber occupied and happy.

She was pretty good through dinner and passing out the presents but by the time we opened one or two she was done. She screamed and screamed and screamed, and rightfully so, it was past her bedtime. My aunt took her and got her to calm down but then she started back up again shortly after. Next my great aunt took her and got her to go to sleep long enough for us to finish opening presents. We started packing everything into bags to take out to the car and Kimber just lost it. There was nothing I could do at this point to calm her down. It was a hour after her bedtime and she was pissed! I hurried up and got her ready to go and Pat packed up the car and we were on our way home sans dessert (which I can afford to skip anyways lol).

Here's some of the things we received from my grandparents and great aunt:

hunting bag
pj pants

rocking horse
tons and tons of clothes
a night light
Toy Story 1 & 2

jeans for work
a couple sweaters
cookie jar
an awesome glass oil lamp

Gifts we gave:
We gave my grandparents, great grandma and great aunt a framed picture of Kimber from her pro shoot, and then three additional prints. Last year we gave them pictures on a cd and apparently they didn't know how to get them printed lol

We also got money. Kimber got a small chunk that went into her savings account and we got enough to update the kitchen, which I'm super excited about! I love my family!!!

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  1. Glad it turned out OK despite the late night your little Miss had.


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