Friday, April 8, 2011


So Kimber's 6 month pictures are tomorrow and I just HAD to try on one of her outfits. LOVE!

I have 4 outfits for tomorrow and I even went out and got myself a new shirt. I am beyond excited to have more professional pictures done! Especially since we don't have any great family pictures! Fingers crossed the rain will stay away and it won't be uber hot!

Can I just say that I'm so in love with the first picture that I made it my profile pic on FB! I never have a profile picture without me in it (just an annoyance I have) but I just couldn't resist! Can't wait to tell you all how tomorrow goes!!!


  1. Cute! Where did you find that diaper cover at?

  2. On etsy from seller babyellis. They are on sale now for $12, couldn't pass them up!


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