Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weekend Trip

Last weekend we all of a sudden decided to take a trip to see Jon and Rae. We went twice before to try to see Jon play baseball but the first weekend was a scrimmage and the second weekend the games got rained out. I knew it was important to Pat to see his brother play so we decided to make one more trip before graduation.

Friday I was off work and had my 4 hour dentist appointment, so when I got home I packed up the car and waited for Pat to get home. Kimber was pretty good until about KC so I got in the back and got her out to play, but then we hit traffic so I put her back in her car seat and she cried the rest of the way there. I felt bad, but what are you supposed to do?

We finally got in around 6 pm and fed Kimber and it took me a hour to put her to bed. She was not having any part of her pack n play so she slept with us. Jon and Rae came to the hotel for dinner and Kimber woke up, we played for a couple hours and then it was 30 minutes of screaming before we finally got Kimber to go to sleep again!

Saturday we met Rae for lunch at this pizza place that serves the BEST buffalo chicken pizza I've ever had! I will very much miss getting pizza from this place, it's that delish! After lunch we went to watch some baseball.

Pat and I debated leaving for a while because Kimber wouldn't nap but she was getting fussy. I said we should just stay until the end and I'm glad we did because Jon hit a GRAND SLAM!!! Such a stud :)

That night Rae and I had some alone time and shared stories about our cookie cutter childhood (insert sarcasm), and I must say, it's strange how people can have more in common than they'd ever realize. After Jon got done with his school thing we all went to Applebee's and got some sangria... yum! Well Jon got a long island, but whatev... 

Sunday we met the family for breakfast and had to say good bye, which is never fun. Jon gave Kimber a game ball which I thought was SUPER cute! Now I just need to go find a baseball case!

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