Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Planning a Party

I know, I know... Kimber just turned 7 months and I'm already gathering ideas on her birthday party! I cannot help myself. I want it to be perfect! Plus it gives me an opportunity to use my creative side so I cannot wait!

I'm not a big big 'theme' person, but if I must then the theme technically is PINK! Or more specifically pink poms. I found this how to site to make them and they seem super easy so it's a go. The party is going to be at my moms and it's going to look like Mr. Bubbles threw up all over her house!

Here's the poms I'm going to make to hang in the foyer, dining room, kitchen (2 sets), and living room:
I'm also going to make some pink pom garland to put on the staircase:
Next up is pom 'flowers' that are going on the kitchen and dining room tables:
Of course they will be in the 3 shades of pink, and heck if I'm feeling fiesty I might actually throw in some white. Here's the tutorial on how to make the yarn ones.

The whole house will be decorated with loads of pictures from her first year. I plan on going to Dollar Tree and getting cheap frames to paint... pink of course! 

Another mom on the wedding/family board I'm on had people write notes to their little one. I'm wanting to do this, so hopefully I can come up with a clever phrase to put on the cards. Kind of like 'advice for the bride' cards you do at showers, but obviously I'm not going to ask people to give advice to a one year old :)

Next on the DIY list is this adorable birthday banner I found on Etsy (seller bayoumoon):

I also plan on doing another banner like the one above but with her monthly pictures in it to hang on the fireplace.

I'm getting cupcakes instead of a cake so I'm going to make some cute little cupcake toppers like these (from Etsy seller sosweetpartyshop):

And of course we'll need some party hats:

Is it bad that I want to get pre-made thank you cards? I would of course write a personal note on the back but I just never know what to write. Seriously, would something like this be tacky? (Of course the actual card would look different, and match her invites, but the note would be the same.) From etsy seller PartySoPerfect:

Food is going to be the hardest part for me to come up with. I don't want the normal go to party snacks so I guess I'm going to have to get creative. Since I'm thinking the party will be between lunch and dinner I'm only doing snacks. Think pink chocolate covered pretzels, fruit salsa with cinnamon chips, those cream cheese pinwheel guys, possibly pigs in a blanket... seriously though, I'm at a loss...

I'm also stumped on favors. Do I only get favors for kids? If so I'm thinking maybe some bubbles and side walk chalk? Coloring books & crayons? I thought about getting pink pinwheel lollipops for adults but I seriously doubt anyone would actually eat them and I don't want to waste money. Isn't feeding adults enough of a 'favor'? lol

So what do ya think? Can you tell I'm excited??? 5 months and counting!!!

Edited to add:
OH MY GOSH... I got it! I'll do a bag of these:

With little tags on the bags that say: Kisses from Kimber :) How clever am I :) Party favors for adults: check!

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  1. Cute!! I love the poms-never too soon to start planning. Do you ever read the Hostess with the Mostess blog? There's always amazing party details there.

    I love the Thank You cards-totally cute, especially with a personal note to go with.


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