Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I am???

(Warning: Pointless Post Follows)

Sometimes I don't know who I am anymore... I'm not sure if it's that I don't recognize this 'adult' I've become or if I've just become lost in the everyday. 

I was talking to my husband about this tonight because I feel like I wake up as a mom, drop Kimber off at daycare and become a working mom, come home and am a wife (cooking dinner) and a mom, then when she goes to bed I my mom hat off and become solely a wife. When do I get to be me?

Then as I further thought about it... that IS me. I am a wife and a mom, and nothing less. I'm exactly what my child and husband need me to be. Not only that but that's what I need to be... I need to be a good mom, I need to be a good wife. Those two 'jobs' are so rewarding and make my life fulfilled in a way I could never imagine.

I seriously wish everyone could experience the amount of love I feel on a daily basis. The laughs produced by Kimber when all I do is smile in her direction, the 'thank yous' I get from my husband after cooking dinner, and the endless other ways they show their love for me, and I, in return show my love for them by taking care of them the best I know how. That's what defines me, my love for my family.

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