Wednesday, May 25, 2011


We don't really have any traditions and that kind of bums me out a little. We decided that one thing we are going to go every year is that we're going to get a movie as a Christmas gift and then after all the hoopla of the festivities we will come home, as a family, and watch said movie. This past year was Despicable Me.

That's all fine and dandy, but I want more... We then decided that (if we are able to) I'd like to continue to pass on the diamond in my wedding ring. The only problem would be if we had more than one girl. I figure if we have a boy we can help him pay for a ring for his fiancĂ©e, but she probably wouldn't care to have a diamond from her MIL :)
My mom gave it to Pat to put in my ring. The diamond actually came from her ring when she married my biological father, so at first I was hesitant on taking it since we joked that our marriage would be doomed to fail.... but... my mom informed me that bio dad didn't actually pay for the diamond and that my great aunt did so that made it all better.

But I want more.... I don't know what else though. I don't want to just Google 'family traditions' and steal something from there. If I liked real trees, I'd go to a tree farm every year and cut down our own Christmas tree.

I plan on making photo album scrapbook type things throughout her life, but the cooler thing I plan on doing is a scrapbook for when she's a mom. I'm going to write about my pregnancy, birth, her first year by months, and then write synopsis' for each year of her life and I plan on giving it to her the day she has her first kid. I'm real excited about it and need to start so I don't forget things about the first few months. Maybe I'll post each of them here... hmmm....


  1. Those are great! You'll think of more! I have a bunch of silly ones that I don't even know if anyone notices. And what's wrong with looking up ideas? I say do it! You don't have to copy exactly. You can put your own style into it.

    Oh, and you forgot one tradition. All the junior Breedloves etc. being holiday penpals!

  2. BTW: Can I put your blog on my site and connect us or is that too personal? I will NOT be offended if it's not an idea you like.


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