Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I did a very bad thing...

I woke a sleeping baby!!!!!

Let me explain before you rip into me that I broke a cardinal rule of parenting :)

I picked Kimber up a little late today because everyone and their mother was leaving work early because of the storms. Mary told me that Kimber just had a bottle and veggies. Score! Play time when we get home! Well, I wasn't home 30 minutes and she was fussing so Pat put her down for a nap... Time: 4:30...

At 6:30 (!!!!!!!!!) I decided I'd get her up from her nap, and honestly at this point I was a little worried I was going to find Kimber had succumb to SIDS, I mean a TWO hour nap?!?!?! Not unusual during the day, but never at night.

I walk in and she moved, I rubbed her back and she just laid there, with her cute little butt up in the air. Finally she woke up, and proceeded to cry. We got her to calm down and both sat on the floor to play for a while since we figured she wouldn't be tired after that massive nap... Wrong!

She was awake for maybe 5 minutes before I decided I'd feed her and put her to bed.... She went right back to sleep so I'm interested to see what time she'll be waking up in the morning.

Lesson learned, I will never wake a baby again! EVER!

Side note... Kimber is 8 whole months old!!!

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