Monday, May 2, 2011

Crafty & Thrifty

So I am always inspired by Sarah and all the amazing things she can do with what most people would look at as crap. I know I do when I see her 'before' pictures, and she always makes them into things that I drool over! Check out her blog, I dare you not to fall in love immediately!

I decided that for Kimber's yarn poms I was going to put them in vases, however, I was NOT going to pay $20 for a vase so I decided to hit up the local Goodwill. Normally I have absolutely no luck but today was a different story. As I made my way up and down the isles I picked up a few bud vases that I intended to pain white and write cute stuff on them but then I spotted these:
I scooped up 10 of them, priced at a whopping $.50 a piece! I'll make my little pom flowers and put 5 vases on the kitchen and dining room tables. I can't wait to start making the flowers soon!

Next up, which came as a surprise was this basket:
With a $3 price tag it was mine! I quickly pulled out the nails holding the handle on.
Eventually I'll probably end up painting it black or brown or something but for now, it will prevent Kimber from playing with the mess on the bottom shelf of our entertainment center. Now that she's crawling all over the place our games were her favorite toys.

I think Goodwill and Salvation Army are going to be my new favorite stores. I know one thing for sure, when I paint the living room and am ready to hang pictures I will be buying all my frames from there! $2 frame + a couple coats of paint = fantastic decorations! Cannot wait!

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