Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kitties? Anyone? Bueller?

The hoosiers that live at the end of our street have a bunch of stray cats. Now, whatever they do is their business... until it affects me...

Last Wednesday I saw one of the cats in our bush, no biggie. Then Thursday I heard rustling in our bushes and told Pat about it, well he text me when I was at work and said we had a litter of kittens in our bush. I made a call to animal control that went something like this:
Me: Hello?
AC: Yeah...
Me: I was just wondering how we go about getting a litter of kittens picked up... Do we need to be home? Or can you just come by and get them?
AC: Well, I can't take the babies if I can't get the mom and I don't even have a trap on my truck right now...
Me: So are you telling me we have to catch the mom before you'll come get the kittens????
AC: Well, I don't have a trap on my truck right now... What's your address? (I tell him) Oh there's already a trap on your street.
Me: Ok... so am I just supposed to live with these cats living at my house?
AC: Uhhh, I don't even know if the mom's feral and I can't take the babies if I can't catch the mom because they will die without her, but I probably won't be able to catch the mom so...

And it got progressively worse from there... When I got home there was a trap set up in between our two bushes with a can of cat food in it... the metal lid from the can? Thrown in our front yard... Real professional if you ask me!

Fast forward to today, it's storming real bad and we came home to the trap on our front porch with one of the kittens in it. Now, as much as I'm NOT a cat person, it was pretty sad to see that little kitten, cold and wet, sitting in the cage. So we let him/her out. What were we supposed to do? Maybe it would of died over night and that's just sad, it's not their fault... I thought about trying to catch them and walking down to the hoosiers at the end of the street and asking if they would mind getting their damn cats fixed... problem being, we cannot catch the cats. So I guess for now they will make their home (6 kittens and a mom) under our porch. I don't know what other options we have at this point.

Speaking of hoosier neighbors, I spent Saturday afternoon being entertained by the people that live across the street. This lady apparently lives with her mother, who I'm guessing is ill because she just sits in her bedroom and smokes and only leaves the house when the Oats van comes to get her. Speaking of, I haven't seen her in her room in a while.... hmmm.... Anyways, she wrecked a car so it's been parked in her driveway since before I had Kimber. Saturday the real fun happened... fat chick in a moo-moo, another chick showed up with her two kids (3 or 4 yr olds), one just wearing a diaper, and an old dude working on her other non-working car. The kid in the diaper proceeded to 'pick' flowers from the flower bed and the chick that lives there came out and asked her 'What the hell she was doing???' Now, the word picked is in quotes because the woman has 'planted' FAKE FLOWERS.... And of course, I have a photo for proof:

Gosh I love our neighbors and cannot wait to spend the rest of our days living in this house ***insert sarcasm***

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  1. Hey. Fake flowers are okay if you do them that thick, but you'd have to get really nice looking ones and replace them seasonally (when faded). Okay, maybe not.

    Did you buy some cat food and keep setting the trap? Try tuna. My cat goes nuts for tuna.

    It seems like if it's an outside cat, they would fix it. Especially, if they are hillbillies. Cuz you know hillbillies watch old Price Is Right reruns and he says to fix pets at the end of EVERY show!


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