Tuesday, May 31, 2011

something new everyday

Literally, and such is life with a kid. I love watching her do new stuff, and the look on her face when she figures out how to do something on her own i.e. getting a toy from her toy box. Now she is figuring out that if Dad or I leave the room we didn't just disappear, and she normally will come crawling after. She's even started playing in her room by herself. Today I set her down with her toys and went to fold laundry in our bedroom which is right across the hall. She'd play for 30 seconds and then come check on me, once she saw I was 'ok' she'd go back to her room and play some more. When she drops stuff she now looks for it, and sometimes will purposely drop things just so we will get them for her.

The thing I'm MOST excited about her doing is.... drum roll please.... she finally gives kisses!!! I probably kiss this kid a million and one times a day and I've been really working with her lately to give kisses back. She's so stubborn though normally she'd turn her cheek so I couldn't give her a smooch. Well Sunday I made the kissy noise and she leaned in, mouth open, and planted a big slobbery one on me. I'm pretty sure my heart was in a huge puddle after that! Now, she won't openly give them and sometimes even when I ask for one she just isn't in the mood, BUT when she decides to show momma some lovin it's literally the best thing ever!

Also on Sunday she started clapping. So now every time she claps we yell 'YAY' and clap with her. That just gets her even more excited and then she has the biggest grin on her face.

We've been pulling ourselves up for a while now but on Saturday I walked in her room to find this:
Not cool little miss! Do you have any idea how hard nap time is now? Before she might lay and whine for a little but eventually give in and fall asleep... well now, why just lay there when you can stand and throw your binki out? That sounds way more fun, right? She also will sit with her feet through the bars, whine, and rake her binki across the bars. Guess she must really feel like she's in a baby prison!

Today for the first time she explored the kitchen cabinets:

I'm pretty sure we are going to have a strong willed little girl on our hands. Today we were playing in her room and she tried to crawl over my leg to get out so she could crawl down the hall. I didn't feel like chasing after her so I picked her up off my leg and turned her around to face her toys. By the way she was crying you'd of thought I told her unicorns weren't real! I have a feeling she's going to be a handful :)

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  1. Holy cow! I can't believe how mobil she is! Its amazing how close in age Kayla is to Kimber and how different they are.


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