Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Definition of an Epic Fail

Well the tub is put in, the drywall was hung, mudded, and sanded, the floor was tiled and now it's time to paint. We picked this fab red color so I gathered up my painting supplies, and proceeded to get the painting underway.  I painted the biggest wall first and had Pat get me a ladder so I could get up close to my ceiling with the roller so I didn't have to cut very much and that's when it happened... the epic fail:
Yep, that's right folks, that would be red paint in our brand new grout work!!!

While reaching up to paint the top of the wall, I neglected to hold the paint tray flat and instead tipped it to one side allowing red paint to spill all over our brand new freakin floor!!! At first I thought I was in the clear because I only saw it was on the tile but as soon as I pulled the ladder away I realized in that moment that my husband was going to KILL me!

I screamed for Pat to come help, fully expecting for some cursing to ensue but he calmly tried to clean it up the best he could. God love him, because if I worked that hard on something I sure would be super pissed at whomever messed it up! Luckily, our neighbor across the street is a floor guy so Pat is going to ask him what he can do to fix my screw up... I guess it's kind of unlucky for me because now the neighbor will know how dumb I am!

Ugh, I totally feel like the worst wife ever!!!

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  1. You can take the grout up in that area and put fresh grout down if you have any left over. There is a little tool you can get that looks like a steel toothbrush from Lowes and it will come up very easily. :) Other than that, I have no idea, but I would seal the grout as soon as you can.


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