Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Since we are re-doing the upstairs bathroom we are forced to use our nasty nasty half finished downstairs bathroom. The entire downstairs is just out junk pile right now and currently I am thanking my lucky stars that we haven't finished it yet.

Pat went down to take a shower and was greeted by this:

And this...
Please ignore all the 'crap'

He filled a trash can with water!

The City of O'Fallon will be getting a very nasty call from a very pissed off home owner tomorrow! They sent out a guy to change our water meter and now we have this new fancy one, that apparently wasn't installed properly:

They replaced the old water meter on 2/25 and everything was fine until Pat was cleaning up from the tile work this evening and turned on the outside hose to clean up. We're guessing that triggered a massive leak downstairs. It seriously feels like one thing after another! However, at 11 o'clock at night, after being a single parent for going on 5 days (due to Pat working on the house), I can't even get mad. I'm too exhausted, but I guarantee it will all set in tomorrow and City of O'Fallon better make this right! 

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