Sunday, March 13, 2011


This has been such a strange weekend. First, I was pretty much kicked out of my house for the past two days while my dad and husband worked on the bathroom. All I've gotten out of them is that it was one problem after another, and they mentioned something about 5 trips to Lowe's today alone. Yikes!

Kimber and I hung out at my mom's house (I'm going to throw this in there, I hate that my computer underlines 'Kimber' like I misspelled her name, ugh!) all weekend, and it definitely messed with her schedule. My mom has dogs, like lots of dogs, and they kept barking and waking Kimber up while she was trying to nap. It made for one frustrated momma! On the bright side though, she was tired at 7 tonight which is her normal bedtime. I thought her routine would be messed up from daylight savings, but I guess no significant nap today put her right back on track for our bedtime routine tonight.

The strangest thing of all was that my biological father's wife requested to be my friend on Facebook. Ummm, no. I don't think so. Then she messages my brother's fiancĂ©e and told her that she wanted to reconnect with me but it wouldn't let her send me a message on Facebook, so to pass along a message to me that she would love to make peace. Just an FYI, you can't send me messages on Facebook if you aren't my friend anymore because my half-sister was sending me nasty messages! I have no problems being civil with this woman and her family, however, that does not mean that I want her or my biological father to be a part of my family's life. I have agonized over this decision for hours in lengthy conversations with Pat and have come to the conclusion that I will do whatever it takes to protect my family. I won't let these people back in our lives because I don't want to give them a chance to hurt any of us. I would never forgive myself if my daughter got treated the way I did by them. There were even issues before I found out about my brother, but the way they handled that situation just showed me their true colors and I would rather not associate with people like that.

One last random thing. My mom, sister and I took Kimber on a walk Friday night around my mom's subdivision and found an old firetruck parked in front of a house. I told my mom I had to get a picture with Kimber on it, so I unstrapped her, handed her to my sister who ran over and plopped her down on the truck. I'm still thankful the owner didn't come out and yell at us!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm so not looking forward to going to work tomorrow!

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