Sunday, March 20, 2011


Kimber aka:
Mini poop - Pat and I used to (and still do) refer to each other as poop. For instance: Me (jokingly) "I hate your face." Pat "You're poop!" So since Pat and I are poop it only fits for our baby to be Mini poop.
Mini - We shorten it to this if she's being good.
Poop - We shorten it to this if she's being bad.
Boogers - I started calling her this recently since she constantly has had a runny nose since January 1st.
Boo-ba-loo- No idea where that came from!
Boo-Boo - Again, no clue!
Kimberlena - I'm convinced we should of named her this, or at least had her middle name be Lena b/c that's what we call her all the time!
Kimberdoodle - MIL calls her this.

Pat aka:
Poop - see above
Penguin - I have a penguin tattooed on my wrist and he has the word 'penguin' tattooed on his ring finger. The explanation for this I will save for another post.
Sparkie - Just something I said one day that stuck.
Spubby - Combination of Sparkie and Hubby.
Shmily - We read this book and the husband and wife would leave a note with the word Shmily on it. Shmily stands for: See how much I love you.
Cuttle Fish - He took me to see the movie Under the Sea at the Science Center and they had a section about cuttle fish. Well... me being a dork seriously thought they were saying cuddle fish so I started calling Pat that when I would make him cuddle with me at night. It took a few weeks for him to realize I was saying cuddle and not cuttle and corrected me. I still say it wrong though :)
And of course we can't forget the generics: Babe & Honey

So what are your nicknames for you kids or spouse/significant other?


  1. We don't have kids yet, but we have nicknames for each other.

    The main ones are....
    I call Trey:
    Monkey (he has long arms-like a monkey!)
    Bear (started in highschool, stuck)
    T-Rey (like T-rex haha)

    He calls me:
    Sweet pea
    Babaloo (apparently some UFC fighter's name-don't really know how it started but it stuck!)

    Hmmm I feel like there are others I'm forgetting, but it's been a long day and I'm tired!
    Fun post-I love nicknames!

  2. We are so lame. I'm not sure we have any. Unless I'm really really mad!! j/k


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