Wednesday, March 23, 2011

more for me


You are getting your first tooth. I noticed Monday, as you were chewing on my finger, that I could finally feel a toofer! You had a tiny open space and in the past two days it's made it's way through your gums and is barely visible. I want to look at it so badly but if my hands go anywhere near your mouth you think they are to be inserted for you to chew on.

Tonight you were too cute. While trying to feed you to go to sleep you weren't that hungry so I sat you up to burp you and you immediately laid your head on my chest. I love putting you to bed now because it's the only time you ever really attempt to cuddle with me. After you realized your head was on my shoulder you tried to pick it up but every time it seemed like your head was too heavy for you to lift and it quickly fell back into place.

You constantly roll around. It's like you can't sit still for two seconds. Sometimes you get up on all fours which makes me think crawling is in our near future, then I know I'm in trouble. You are so curious about everything already. If I have mail you want to play with it, you want to touch everything you can get your precious little hands on, when we sit outside you like to watch every single car until it's no longer visible.

You constantly amaze me, I love you to pieces and it's been a joy watching you grow. All I can hope is that one day you will look back and say that I was a pretty good mom. I try so hard to put your needs above everything else and every decision I make is based on what is best for you. You've taught me so much about being a parent, and about myself in general. I cannot wait so see what the future has in store for you!


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  1. Thanks for sharing this intimate moment. It is a beautiful letter which reminds me that I need to write more to Chloe and Colin.

    Love you!


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