Sunday, March 27, 2011


I was hoping to have before and after bathroom pictures but it's just been one problem after the other. Fingers crossed the entire bathroom will be put together by Tuesday, minus trim and a door, but for now I wanted to share our disastrous adventure!

For starters the pipes for the tub weren't run correctly. The tub/shower we had was one fiberglass piece so it stuck out from the wall a bit, and the new one we got was a tub and then 3 walls that mounted directly to the studs. Well with the way the plumbing was done the faucet handle was sticking out since the new walls were flush with the studs. So my dad and husband tried everything they could think of to fix the problem sans plumber, and then Pat decided he would try to sweat pipes so they could relocate how they were run. That was a no go, so it was finally decided that we would just have to deal with the faucet handle sticking out. The surround was installed and then the dry waller came out to do his thing.

After the drywall was done it was time to do tile, which has been the only thing so far that's gone correctly, other than the fact that I got red paint in the grout!

Paint time! It took 3 freaking coats of red. I will never, for the rest of my life paint anything in my house red! EVER! We bought the Valspar paint with the primer built in... biggest piece of crap ever! It ran so bad, as soon as I was done paining one area I would turn around and the previous area already had runs in it! I will never be using Valspar again either.

Next the light was installed and the bottom part of the electrical box has sunk into the wall so the bottom screw in the light fixture isn't coming out of the fixture itself, so we can't screw it into place. On top of that the new light fixture is oval and the old was square so now I have to get out the paint again and do some touch up... ugh...

Medicine cabinet was installed but it was bigger than the old one so we had to cut out a chunk of drywall, no biggie.

On to the vanity. We replaced our old 2 door vanity for one that has one door and three drawers. Well one of the pipes was over so far that it was hitting the drawers so we either had to move that pipe or move the vanity over and have a gap between the vanity and wall. Pat's dad came out today and fixed the pipe problem so now our vanity is flush with the wall. The next problem is that the pipe coming out of the wall and the pipe going from our drain to the wall are two different sizes. We've yet to fix this issue.

Toilet... we opened the box and the tank was busted. I mean like busted completely in half. So Pat packed it up and I exchanged it at Sams. However, when Pat tried to install it and tighten it down it wobbles, so we're not sure what to do about that yet either.

He swears to me that the tub/shower will be working tonight, which will be great, but I cannot wait until this horrendous nightmare is over. I will never buy a house that needs work done to the bathroom. This has been a never-ending problem... and Pat and I are just wanting one freaking thing to go right. I can't wait to put this renovation behind us! Please cross your fingers that I can share before and after pictures by the end of the week!!!

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