Tuesday, March 1, 2011

probably the coolest party ever

A friend of ours who Pat worked with moved to China land last month and of course she had a gigantic going away party, but more on that later...

She's probably one of the top 5 coolest chicks I've ever met. Heck, she brought Pat some decent coffee when I was in the hospital when Kimber was born, and even though I am not a coffee drinker I know Pat was thrilled by her visit (they were coffee buddies at work)! Not only is she, apparently, the best coffee buddy ever, she is just so freakin sweet. Like it's almost sickening how nice she is to people lol She's one of those people that you feel like you've known your whole life. I didn't get to hang out with her as much as I would of wanted to while she was here but I'm thankful to have gotten to know her through Pat.

I joked with her that I've only left my baby for her, which is totally true! The first time I spent the night away from her (other than when I was back in the hospital) was for Kristin's Halloween party and the second time I spent the night away from the babe was for her going away party! She should feel very special :)

So on to the part about the coolest party evar... her going away party was a Rubix Cube Party! What is a Rubix Cube Party you ask? Well let me explain... Guests (other than Pat and I b/c we're lame and didn't participate) were to wear one article of clothing for each color of the Rubix Cube, then once the party started you were to trade clothing with others so by the end of the night you were wearing all one color. Totally awesome, right??? It was super entertaining to watch everyone bartering colors, but I'm pretty sure my favorite part was TJ wearing an orange thong as a head piece!

I'm going to really miss her epic parties (among countless other things) so hopefully the year goes by quickly, so I can again have reasons to send Kimber to spend the night at Grandma's :)


  1. That sounds like a fun idea for a party-how cool!

  2. Brooke! You are too sweet. This just made my morning, possibly week! I'm so happy that we are friends, too! Also, I do feel uber special that you came to both my parties :) I miss you guys terribly, and the little one. Tell her hello from me!


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