Monday, February 28, 2011

My Dentist is My New Best Friend

Back when I was still on maternity leave one of my teeth broke, so I called my new dentist and set up an appointment to have it taken care of. I've never had a cavity in my life so I wasn't too worried about the visit until I was informed that I have little cavities on like all my teeth!!!

He said it was probably caused by pregnancy since my body re-allocated the calcium away from my teeth and to my baby. Not cool, and I had no idea that could happen. I assumed you couldn't go to the dentist while pregnant what with the x-rays and all, guess next time I won't assume! I'm not going to say that all of it was caused by pregnancy because I hadn't been to the dentist in a year (I know, I know) due to my horrible experience having my wisdom teeth pulled.

Currently I've been in probably close to 10 times in the past 2 1/2 months. My initial visit, cleaning, 2 appointments for my crown, and 5 appointments for cavities. I had to go in so many times for the fillings because he only likes to do one section at a time, so like my first visit was the upper right teeth, and so on.

Here's where the fun part comes in. I had veneers put on my front 6 upper teeth almost 10 years ago. One popped off and I just never got it put back on because I grind my teeth, so once it popped off twice I just said forget it! They look pretty bad, and now one is cracked from when I was put under for my c-section so lucky for me, those have cavities too and need to be replaced. I am super excited about this, even though it means sitting a super long time in the chair, because I have always been self conscious about my teeth and they are finally going to be fixed! My dentist is even going to do crowns so I don't think they will ever need to be replaced, unlike my veneers that pretty much max out at 10 years. The downside? It's going to cost right at $2,500.00 for all this work! Some how, some way, it will get paid for and I can't wait to have a new smile!

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  1. It's a common disbelief of most people, which is why a lot of them encountered tooth-loss while conceiving or after giving birth. But on the latter part, it is more important for a pregnant woman to see her dentist to check what reactions her teeth are undergoing, so that a dentist can give immediate aid.


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