Thursday, February 10, 2011

Before & After - Kimber's Room

(The before picture is from my realtor from when she listed the house. The editing was done by yours truly.)

When we bought our house we couldn't move into the bedroom. It was gross and it took a lot of work on our part to get the three bedrooms done. Of course we had help from our family. Pat's dad installed ceiling fans (as mentioned in previous post), and my dad installed our doors.

Here is Kimber's room when we moved in:

Lovely, huh?

I know I've posted these before but here are the after pictures:

So to re-cap all we did.

1. Ripped up carpet, Kilz the floor, had new carpet laid. (Thanks to the in-laws for the awesome anniversary present.)
2. Painted the walls.
3. Ripped up old baseboard.
4. Painted new baseboard and installed it.
5. Had my dad caulk the crown molding since it was put up next to a popcorn ceiling and had huge gaps.
6. Had Pat's dad install ceiling lights.
7. Put in a new (fabulous) register cover.
8. Ripped out old doors.
9. Had my dad install new 6 panel doors for the room and closet, with silver hardware.
10. Painted said doors and jambs.
11. Painted the inside of the closet.
12. Pat installed a shelving unit in the closet.
13. Hung curtains.
14. Hung new blinds.
15. Switched the light switch and outlet covers from off-white/yellow to white.
16. Decorated with pictures and butterflies, put together Kimber's furniture, and organized all her stuff.

Whew, and that was just ONE room! Sooo worth it!

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  1. Wow! That's an awesome transformation. Have to say I never get tired of seeing her's so pretty and seems very relaxing. Also seems like a room she can grow in to, not too nursery-y. =-)


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