Wednesday, February 16, 2011

more for me

(This post is really more for me, as I've been told you will forget the cute small things your baby does. Well I don't want to forget so I am going to randomly post cute things that Kimber is doing so I can look back and never forget.)


Tonight we started our bedtime routine like normal. I ran your bath water while you sat on my lap, knowing what was coming next. I laid you in your bed and sang the 'nakie baby' song I made up for bath time, and we make our way to the bathroom.

First of all I must tell you how much you love bath time. You splash so hard you almost always give me a shower. Your new favorite game is to lift your butt up over the little hump in the bottom of the baby tub so it looks like your whole head is going to go under water. I swear you do this to give me a mini heart attack!

This bath night was different from the others. As soon as I took the washcloth to wet your hair you started to scream. I finished wetting your hair and got shampoo in my hands and you were fine until I, again, grabbed the washcloth to rinse your hair off. I finally figured out that you thought that washcloth was your toy and how dare I take that from you! Once I caught on I asked Daddy to get me another washcloth so I could bathe you while you played with the original one. This did not go over so well because as soon as you spotted my new washcloth you wanted that one too! I gave in and gave you my washcloth and you dropped the one you first had, I picked it up and then that's the one you wanted. As soon as I gave it to you, you dropped the other one. This game went on for a good 5 minutes while I just laughed at how funny you were being. I will never understand why you had to have the one I was using (they were even the same color for crying out loud!) but I thought it was cute. At one point you had one in each hand and shoved them both in your mouth! That's another thing you enjoy, chewing on washcloths... and pretty much anything else you can get your hands on.

I wanted so badly to get this on my phone but every other time you've done something cute as soon as I get my phone out you are immediately more interested in my phone than doing the cute thing that I wanted to record. Maybe next time I will be more prepared!

Also another cute thing you are doing is trying to blow bubbles. Some days you do it all day long. While eating cereal this usually results in me being covered in cereal blown on me but I can't help but laugh at your cuteness. This may sound mean but sometimes when you get really worked up and there is nothing I can do to calm you down you start trying to blow bubbles out of no where and I laugh. Big tears in your eyes and you start blowing bubbles and laughing... sometimes I just don't get you kid!

Thanks for all the smiles and laughs Boobaloo. Mommy loves you!

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