Sunday, February 27, 2011



Day outside the womb: 9/24/10

Night away from Mommy (when I had to go back in the hospital for the infection): 10/1/10
Walk around the subdivision: 10/5/10
Doctor's appointment: 10/7/10
Road trip (to Ottawa to see Uncle Jon play baseball & Aunt Rae play soccer): 10/16/10
Night spent at Grandma's (my mom's): 10/30/10
Set of shots:11/24/10
Time she slept through the night: 12/13/10 (didn't make a habit of it though)
Cold: 1/1/11
Day at the babysitter's: 1/5/11
Time she rolled over: 1/21/11
Time she had cereal: 1/25/11

Time she played in the snow: 2/2/11

Owie: 2/11/11

Time she reached for Mommy: 2/18/11
Time she went swimming: 2/25/11

Time she had green beans: 2/26/11

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  1. Great firsts-fun to keep track of. Cute swimsuit too! =-)


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