Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Light!

There are definite pluses to having a FIL who is an electrician. When we moved in we didn't have any ceiling lights in any of the bedrooms and I refuse to have only lamps so FIL came over one day and installed ceiling fans in all the rooms. Not going to lie, those fans were amazing to use while I was pregnant in the dead of summer!

This past weekend we went to Lowes to pick up a few lights for the house. We got a chandelier for the kitchen, a kitchen light, a light for over the sink and one for the hallway. (All 4 lights, fancy energy light bulbs and a penguin night light for less than $280) The in-laws came over last night for dinner and as an added bonus I got my chandelier installed!!!

Our living room flows into our kitchen and the only light source for the whole room was this horrible eyesore over the kitchen table and 2 lamps I have in the living room. It bugged me that the house was so stinkin dark at night, well we've eliminated that problem!

Our new lights!

Horrible old light, that actually produced no light.
Working hard.

umm, nasty!

Fancy new chandelier!

You wouldn't believe how much light this thing puts out!
I can't wait to get the other lights up! I'm finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel for this 'fixer upper' we bought!


  1. Yay Uncle Pat and Aunt Laurel and Pat and Brooke and Kimber! Looks great!

  2. Nice! It's awesome how much changing the lights makes the room feel more complete. We've just done abunch of light changes too. I really like the chandelier you picked!


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