Monday, February 7, 2011

Kimber vs. Dr. Ryan

Remember this post? Well I had picked a family doctor and then realizing I would really prefer a pediatrician, I searched for yet another doctor for Kimber. I finally found one, Dr. Ryan, at Way to Grow Pediatrics and I love her!

At Kimber's 4 month appointment I talked with Dr. Ryan about a few things and she just really made me feel comfortable. With my old pedi I was always afraid of answering his questions wrong or asking certain questions because he made me feel like a bad parent. (Plus he used more analogies than House, which would be ok if they were as witty or as funny as the ones in the show but they aren't... I digress)

1. I asked her about generic formula and she said, without hesitation, that's it's fine to feed babies the generic stuff.
2. Her sleep habits. Currently Kimber goes to bed at 7 and wakes up anywhere between 12 and 2 and then sleeps until 5 or so when we get up for work... if I'm lucky, on the weekends I can even get her to go back to sleep after I feed her at 5 and we get to 'sleep in' until 8 or so! Dr. Ryan assured me that a 5 to 7 hour stretch is a good amount of sleep for a baby her age. I told her that we sometimes try to put her to bed awake but groggy and said that Kimber would cry and we would go in like 4 times to put the binki back in and then she would go to sleep. She said that we won't even discuss the CIO until closer to 6 months... whew!
3. Baby food. I didn't really ask her anything about this other than regarding how to start cereal but she brought up that she made baby food for her second kid and I'm totally excited about doing it for Kimber. So A+ to her for suggesting something I would of never thought of.

Fast forward two weeks and I like her even more after seeing her today.

Kimber has had this stupid cold since January 1st, and while I thought it had been getting better this weekend she started coughing really badly. Like to the point where she would choke and then start crying. Then last night I thought she was wheezing, and this morning my sitter said that she had another parent that went to the ER this past weekend because their baby had RSV.

So I called and made an appointment. As soon as Dr. Ryan came in I started crying. I don't know what it is but seeing Kimber so uncomfortable and me not being able to fix it just really gets to me. I know her poor little throat must hurt from all the coughing but I can't do a single thing to make it better and it KILLS me!

Dr. Ryan checked her out and asked if I wanted to do a RSV test. She said that her directions to me would be no different if the test came back positive or negative so I said that we didn't have to do it. With the way I was crying you would of thought she was more concerned about me lol, she kept asking if I was ok, and what my concerns were. I said, honestly, I just hate feeling so helpless. She assured me that Kimber looks great (and pointed out several characteristics that supported her statement) and to just keep doing what we are doing. She even told me to call her tomorrow to let her know how she's doing, and then told me to call her anytime I needed to talk about what was going on with Kimber.

I can only hope and pray that she gets over this cold soon. I mean how long is this stupid thing going to stick around??? I'm tired of being that overly-concerned-parent-that-takes-their-kid-to-the-dr-every-time-they-sneeze, but that's kinda how I feel at this point. Hey, at least every time we go she assures me I'm doing everything right, that sure does make one feel better :)


  1. Glad you found a doctor to love!
    OK, we are in need of a doc we can trust for our baby. Is Dr. Ryan taking new patients? Where is she located? I am very interested in meeting with her before our baby gets here in April :)

  2. I think she is probably taking new patients. We just started going to her probably 3 weeks ago. Her office is in Progress West (well technically the medical building next to the hospital). I cannot say enough good things about her, I have no doubt you will love her! They are on facebook too, Way to Grow Pediatrics :)

  3. What is CIO? I forget. As for taking her in so much... I'd much rather be THAT parent than the one who only takes them in if they crack something open... ya know? I'm always calling the office and asking if we need to come in.


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