Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Yep, I've been slacking... majorly! I have a lot of blog worthy things to post about but this would be an insanely long post if I went into detail about everything that's happened in the past couple weeks. So I'll just touch on a few things.

Work - I like it. I don't dread waking up in the morning (except for how early I have to get up now) and I love picking Kimber up from the sitter. She finally smiles when I come in the door... melts my heart! It helps that I've decorated my desk with multiple pictures of her and DH too :)

Home - We are trying to decide what renovations to do first. That in and of itself is a challenge! We need a new tub/shower badly! I want to put Kimber's mini tub in our big tub because now she loves to splash around and my counter is flooded after every bath, but I refuse to put her in our nasty tub! Our kitchen needs to be totally redone (other than the floor). I'm pretty sure the cabinets are original and they are AWFUL! We also need a new floor and paint in the living room. And lets not even start on the basement! Yesterday and today we did a few things in the basement. You know what, I think I'm going to take a bunch of pictures of the house and explain our projects. Maybe that will give me some motivation to do something!

Puppies - I think I'm going to get rid of one of our dogs. Pat's grandma mentioned possibly wanting one and the yorkie we have needs to go. It kills me to say that but I know if he goes to Pat's grandma I will see him again. I wouldn't just post him on craigslist or anything but if she wants him, we may let her have him. He's a GREAT dog, he listens, never has any accidents, and is super mellow... but.... he barks. Not full on loud barking but he wanders around the house and growls and barks all. the. time! I swear if he wakes Kimber up one more time I'm going to go crazy lol

Pat - He is such an amazing dad. I could watch him interact with his daughter all day long. He sings "Shake shake shake... Shake shake shake... Shake your booty" to her all the time and her little face just lights up. Too cute! Sometimes I feel like we never see each other anymore, which is something we are working on. We are just so busy when we are home together that we don't really get to enjoy each other like we used to. I think we are going to start having date nights again, I can't wait!

Kimber - Oh where to I begin? I had no idea I could love someone so stinkin much! I mean I LOVE Pat, but love for your kids is sooo different. It's funny, I asked him one day who he loved more... he just kind of looked at me so I said that I loved Kimber more, and he agreed. Honestly, I don't know if it's actually more, or just a totally different kind of love. I mean I would give my life for either one of them, I don't know, it's probably not a feeling that can ever be explained unless you have experienced it. She had her 4 month appointment recently, and she was a champ, I'll have to post more about that later. She rolled over for the first time, had cereal for the first time, and went out in the snow for the first time. This past Monday we were sitting in her rocking chair and she always looks up at her shelves on the wall... well this particular day she reached up like she wanted something, so I pulled down her little sock monkey jack in the box and that's actually what she wanted. She started grabbing it and, of course, figuring out how she could get it in her mouth. Sometimes I wonder how she got so smart all of a sudden!

And b/c I can't not post pictures of her:

First time in the snow.
Trying rice cereal for the first time.

First time mommy took a picture with no make up on LOL

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  1. House renovations are never ending! It's hard to decide what to do first. Kimber is so cute! I love her expression in the 1st 2 she's not sure she likes whats going on.


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