Monday, February 28, 2011

Mini Vaca

This past weekend we went to see a couple of my favorite people, Jon and Rae. We were supposed to be going to watch Jon play baseball, however, the games were cancelled, and I must say I was not upset by this! We hung out with them all weekend, it was pretty fantastic! I actually got to (finally) spend some time with Rae getting to know her. I've only seen her a handful of times for short visits so it was nice to be able to just talk to her.

We got to Ottawa, KS Friday around 5, checked into our hotel room and they came over. We fed Kimber and then took her swimming in the hotel pool! I was super excited to see her reaction since she LOVES bath time, but this was obviously less than thrilling for her.

We decided to call it quits with the pool and headed back to the room to get dinner and put Miss to bed. She wanted no part in that and she stayed up two hours past her bedtime to play with Jon and Rae. She has been on this weird 'I'm afraid of strangers' kick lately so I was super relieved that she was excited to see them!

Saturday we went to town and bought a crap ton of baby clothes at Babies R Us. We got $180 worth of clothes (and a humidifier) for $100. Not bad, huh? They took us to this BBQ place, and even though I'm not the biggest BBQ fan I will admit it was pretty good. We then decided that we would give green beans to Kimber, as her facial expressions to new things are priceless, so we headed to Walmart, grabbed some green beans and went back to the hotel.

Please note the ridiculous amount of green beans on her pants... oh and face! And then it was time to swim again. Pat got her pool balls and she seemed to enjoy her new toy.

After a long couple hours trying to put her to bed we gave up, Jon and Rae left, and we all went to sleep in our nice king size bed. We no sooner fell asleep and we hear 'click click' 'click click' so Pat get's up and some old man is trying to get in our room with his room key. Now the old man is knocking while trying to get his card to work so Pat bangs on the door and tells him the room is occupied. It took a few bangs for the old man to realize he was not at his room but finally said sorry and wandered off.

Sunday morning we woke up to a note from the old man apologizing for the night before! We packed up, checked out and met Jon and Rae for lunch before heading back to St. Louis. Not going to lie, I was not looking forward to leaving. Hopefully they come home for Easter like Jon said, guess Rae and I will need to start another countdown till we see each other again :)

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  1. I say yes to the countdown.. it made time go by faster and gave me something to look forward to.. i'll look into an easter count down! :o) We really did have a blast with ya'll thanks again!


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