Sunday, February 13, 2011

My birthday!!!

Well my birthday was yesterday. I, of course, didn't take any pictures... because I suck! I really didn't do anything too exciting though. Yesterday morning I went to pick Kimber up from my mom's house. She spent the night over there on Friday while we went to a going away party for a friend who is moving to China!

I spend all morning and most of the afternoon over at my mom's just hanging out with Kimber. Pat had to work so I came back home when he finally got off and we took a family nap :) Then we got up and got ready to go out. His parents came over to watch Kimber while we went to dinner. Pat had made reservations at McGurks and told me that I was not allowed to order a burger lol I have this thing about ordering the least expensive thing on the menu or just getting a burger. I just can't see spending so much money on a meal but I stuck to his rules and ordered a bowl of potato soup and fish and chips. I must say I was pretty happy that he made me order something other than my usual because that dinner was DELISH!

After dinner we came home and had dessert with his parents. I made out with 2 of the Vampire Diary books (SCORE!), Iron Man 2 (SCORE AGAIN!), and cash for a Sams membership. Love it!

I told Pat yesterday that if you would of told me I'd be wearing 'mom jeans' by the time I was 24 I would of said you're out of your mind! Funny how life has changed in the past couple years!

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