Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

I took today off work. Thinking I would be resting after running a few errands, boy was I wrong. Here's a little look at my day:

5:30 am wake up, feed Kimber, take shower, get ready to go
7:00 am Dentist Appointment
8:45 am back home, change Kimber, pack a diaper bag, get out the door
9:00 am show up at Slackers to pick up Pat's Valentine's Day present, they are closed
9:15 am go to the lab to have my blood drawn for tests
10:00 am drop taxes off
10:30 am pick up birth certificate and feed Kimber at the Vital Records office
11:20 am go back to Slackers and finally get the presents
12:00 pm pick up stuff at the house to return to Charter
12:30 pm finally get home to start the Oreo Truffles for V-day dessert
1:00 pm burnt all the chocolate, pack Kimber up and head to Shop N Save to buy more
1:30 pm get home but Kimber is throwing a fit so I must calm her down
2:30 pm finally got the truffles done and in the fridge, feed Kimber
3:00 pm clean up kitchen
3:30 pm pack Kimber up and head to grandma's to give her some of my V-day goodies
4:15 pm back home, Kimber is sleeping so I put her in her room in her car seat and run around doing laundry and picking up the house
4:30 pm Kimber is awake, now putting dishes away, doing laundry and cooking dinner one-handed
5:20 pm Pat comes home and we start our V-Day dinner

I'm seriously exhausted today. If Kimber was awake I had to be holding her or else she would scream. That can really wear on a person! I love her so much, but man, today I wish I would of just taken her to the sitters! Anyways, here is what we gave each other:

Sapphire earrings Pat got me

Tool & Incubus cds I got for Pat

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